Federal State Budgetary Institution Research Institute for Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases

Institution Types:  Collaborative Partners

The Institute has 4 scientific departments, including 18 laboratories, a clinic for 165 beds (4 inpatient departments: cardiology, cardiosurgery, anaesthesiology and intensive care; x-ray endovascular diagnostic and treatment methods), a scientific and educational department, 5 auxiliary diagnostic units and support services.

The scientific activity of the institution involves conducting fundamental, investigative and applied research studies in the following areas: the study of molecular, organismal and population patterns of the formation of multifocal atherosclerotic lesions; creation of new biomaterials for cardiovascular surgery, their experimental and clinical approbation; scientific substantiation and development of perspective models of rendering medical aid in diseases of the circulatory system in the conditions of the industrial region.

The Institute provides specialized, high-tech cardiosurgical medical care. The clinic implements original medical technologies based on the results of fundamental and applied scientific research of the institution’s employees. The Institute annually performs about 4500 diagnostic angiographies, more than 1300 percutaneous coronary interventions, at least 100 X-ray endovascular interventions in children with congenital heart defects (newborns and the first year of life) and more than 1000 heart operations in conditions of artificial circulation. Within the framework of medical care, more than 40 original new medical technologies are being realized.

Visit the website – http://kemcardio.ru/