National Research University Higher School of Economics

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National Research University Higher School of Economics as a project collaborator is responsible for the following: analyzing prevalence and determinants of smoking in Russia and analyzing travel time to percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) facilities in whole Russia and to estimate distribution of population by specific travel times.

Based on analysis of aggregated data set within the smoking prevalence study, HSE identified available risk factors, socio-demographic characteristics and their categorisation for further harmonisation across studies. This was followed by comparative analysis of smoking prevalence in Russia across studies included in the harmonised dataset.

Also, HSE is responsible for spatial analysis of timely access to PCI centres in Russia. HSE created models of all PCI centres in Russia and travelling times to them via different routes using driving time estimates.

Another stream of work by HSE for this project involves describing and evaluating governance structures and functions in Russian hospitals, including regional and city hospitals, both at the federal and regional levels and in five selected regions.

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