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MIAC is a medical organization of a special type, where doctors-statisticians, doctors-methodologists, programmers and analysts work. Today this budgetary institution is responsible for information support in the field of public health and information protection, for informatisation of medical organizations, as well as for supporting international projects and programs. The Ministry of Health of the Arkhangelsk region founded the institution.


· Forming a unified information and organizational space for the healthcare system in the Arkhangelsk Region;

· Organization of collection, processing and analysis of data (including personified) related to the health system, on the health status of the population using information and communication technologies;

· Ensuring the informatisation of medical organizations in the Arkhangelsk region, increasing the efficiency of using the information infrastructure of the healthcare system of the Russian Federation;

· Ensuring activities in the field of information protection in the healthcare sector of the Arkhangelsk Region;

· Support of joint international projects and programs in the healthcare sector of the Arkhangelsk region.

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