Dr. Alexander Kudryavtsev

Project Roles:  Steering Group  |  Team Member


Leader of the project and cross-sectional study in Arkhangelsk.

Head of Department of Innovative Programs, Central Scientific Research Laboratory, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Northern State Medical University» of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation.

Researcher, Northern State Medical University.

Dr. Alexander V. Kudryavtsev plays a key coordinating and oversight role in the project in Arkhangelsk. His main work is taken up with cross-sectional study of the project and involves planning, organization, principal management, delivery, analysis and publication of the “Know your heart” study of 2865 men and women of working age that is conducted in coordination with a parallel study in Novosibirsk. Besides, in a position of the leader of the project in Arkhangelsk Dr. Alexander V. Kudryavtsev has an overview of all aspects of the project work on the site, including the study of patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome and Validity Cause of Death studies. He provides high-level support to these aspects of the project where appropriate.

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