Prof Henrik Schirmer


Project Roles:  Steering Group  |  Team Member  | 

Prof Henrik Schirmer is a professor in cardiovascular epidemiology and also works
part time as senior consultant in clinical cardiology. His main responsibilities are
collection of data in the Tromsø Study, especially echocardiography, using same
protocols as in the population studies the project is performing in Russia. He has
been part of the project teams planning both the data collection in the population
studies (theme B) and the hospital studies of patients with acute myocardial
infarction (Theme C). He is the main supervisor of the IPCDR project PhD student
Micheal Stilidis on “Prevalence and characteristics of diastolic and systolic
dysfunction in two populations at vastly different risk of death from heart disease:
Norway and Russia”.

He is a member of the IPCDR steering committee.

Henrik’s professional profile